Handmade Cards Warm the Heart :)

In this age of digital communication, a good handmade card with a heart-felt message is the perfect anecdote to our media driven blues.  I am a strong advocate of handmade cards.  I think that they are appropriate for all occasions, from birthdays to weddings to “congratulations on loosing your first tooth” to baby showers to “happy first day of student teaching” to just saying hello.  Because interactions today are often mediated through the internet via Facebook, Twitter, and email, people genuinely appreciate a handwritten note.  Think of how much more meaningful it is when someone knows your birthday and gives you a handmade card versus logging on to Facebook seeing a notification that it’s your birthday and then writing on your wall.  It really does make people feel special when they realize you took time out of your day to sit down and write to them.

Unfortunately, handmade greeting cards aren’t too popular these days.  I remember this past summer the eight year old girl I watched received a hand-me-down bike in mint condition from someone in her neighborhood a month or so before I began working with her.  The first thing I asked her was if she wrote the person a thank you note, to which she replied that she didn’t.  I tried to convince her we should sit down and make one; I told her it’s never too late to send a thank you card!  But, she insisted that it indeed was too late and that she would not write them a card.  It really bummed me out!  Thank you cards are probably one of the most important cards to send!

Anyways, as time passes and communication styles seem to be changing I encourage you to make a handmade card and send it to someone you care about.  You know that warm feeling you get when you receive mail?  Give that feeling to someone else, make their day.

Below are some handmade cards I have recently made, enjoy!












5 thoughts on “Handmade Cards Warm the Heart :)

  1. You are SO creative! Seriously, these cards are beautiful. I love that you take the time to make cards for the people you care about and you make them so well.

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