Home Again and Homemade Tea (?)

I was able to go home for the weekend to see our dear neighbors’ vow renewal!

They have been married 25 years and the ceremony was just lovely.







The rustic decorations and the wooded lodge where the ceremony took place were beautiful.

The lodge is located right on the peninsula and the trees were shedding their leaves everywhere.

It was the perfect fall “wedding.”

While I was home I took on my own little made up project.  I thought it would be fun to try to make my own tea leaves with some spearmint that grows in our side yard.







So basically, I picked the sprigs of spearmint, washed them, took off all the leaves, and then baked them at 350 for a few minutes.

I then laid them between two pieces of wax paper and pressed them for several days.

I haven’t decided if I am going to try to make tea bags to put them in or just try to use them in my tea infuser.  Either way I will have to crush the leaves and then place them in one of the two.  I surely hope it works! 🙂

Have a fantastic evening!


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