The other day I sat down and made a whole bunch of handmade postcards!

It was a great way to re-purpose a box!

It ended up taking  10 times as long as I wanted it to, but they turned out nice and I know they’ll be appreciated.

I used a cardboard box I found in the recycling bin, some paint chips I got from Walmart, stamps, and a couple of sheets of scrapbooking paper.





1342341  4223423432  342534523452


3445345535  34523452345

4252343677777  45345345345

234234234  34534523453

3422342342  34223423423


I’m sending them with your typical postcard stamps, but I’m not sure if that’s gonna fly  with USPS.

We’ll find out!

UPDATE:  The postcards needed an additional 20 cents of postage in order to send!!


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