Ever So Lovely

I made it home for Thanksgiving break just in time to run into the house

and begin to get Karleigh ready for her fourth Ever So Lovely Pageant.

 The year after I graduated, my high school began a pageant for special needs girls.

Karleigh and the other girls look forward to it all year.

All the attention is on them and they feel like princesses.

The girls wear fancy dresses and are escorted out onto the stage usually by high school boy volunteers.

They also can participate in a talent if they choose to.

Karleigh’s talent was singing and dancing.



There are no winners, instead each girl receives a crown, sash, flowers, and gift bag.





It was a great night and all of the girls really enjoyed themselves.

Families who don’t have a special needs child often don’t understand how difficult life can be for these girls and their families.  This pageant is one night out of the whole year where the girls are guaranteed acceptance and feel like everyone else their age.  This pageant is such a blessing to our family and the community!  We are so thankful to the individuals who organize it each year.

If you don’t know anyone with special needs I encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone and take the time to get to know someone!  They will bless you much more than you can ever bless them!


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