Watercolors fascinate me.

I hope to learn how to use them.

I’ve played around with them the past couple of years, but nothing serious.

This fall I found the most beautiful leaf I have ever seen.

It looked like this:


Simply gorgeous.

The leaf had all the colors of fall in it; look at the red, maroon, yellow, orange, and brown!  Look closer, you can see the traces of green.

Look at the way the red is dappled and softly blends with the rest of the colors in the leaf.

It brings to mind the way watercolors blend into one another.

It literally looks like God painted it with watercolors.

 Ever since this leaf fell into my life on October 27th I’ve been longing to paint it (haha).

Time past and I just hadn’t got around to it but over break I was able to take the time to make my first attempt at it.



leafsThe pictures don’t do neither leaves (real nor painted) justice.

It was an alright first attempt.

 I plan on painting it a few more times in order to get a better understanding of it’s colors and shape.

I’m thankful that I was able to find some time to finally paint with my watercolors.

I also painted this simple sparrow for a friend:


I would really like to learn more about watercolors.

Maybe I’ll be able to begin that endeavor over Christmas break.


6 thoughts on “Watercolor

  1. Hey, great job! really like the color blending you did, especially the top middle one. I don’t know if you intended on doing this, but from here it looks like one end is 2d but it gradually becomes a little 3d. Again, wonderful job! You should submit some work to Project Eve!

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